Search Engine Optimization For Dentists

We understand your frustration.

You’re ready to take your dental practice to the next level. All you need is for the phone to start ringing.

You know that people are searching online for everything these days – including finding a new dentist, and that ranking well on Google is critical to winning new patients.

And you’ve done everything the so-called dental SEO experts have told you is necessary to raise your site to the top of the search results. You may even have shelled out big bucks to other companies that promised quick results.

But when you search online and see how much better your competitors are doing – especially dentists that have ugly websites and lousy practices – all you can do is ask yourself why they’re winning and you’re not.

We get it.

We know the frustration of wishing you had a better understanding of SEO for dentists, of what you need to improve your rankings, and the feeling that with more online marketing resources and more time you could succeed.

We are constantly approached by dentists with questions about local SEO, social media marketing, the value of organic search rankings vs. Google Ads, and a variety of other dental practice SEO strategies.

That’s why DDSRank is here:

Our primary mission is to offer exceptional optimization exclusively for dentists. And that’s why we want to give you the exact diagnosis and treatment plan that you need to succeed – for free.

If you are willing to invest some time reading a tailor-made audit of your practice website that you can review at your leisure, we’ll show you what makes DDSRank different.

    1. We’ll show you specific areas that are hurting your site’s performance, and reasons why other practices outrank you.


    1. We’ll show you the steps we can take that actually moves the needle with dental website rankings.


    1. And we’ll give you a customized proposal tailored to your website and local search market.


Regardless of what you choose to do with our proposal, you’ll be left with a written diagnosis and treatment plan that includes some smart, actionable steps for improving your dental practice.

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Man holding sign that says 'dental seo #1 on google guaranteed'It typically takes 2-4 years to become an hygienist. Dentists need to complete at least four years of school, typically after getting a bachelor’s degree, before they can practice. But most anyone can create a website and call themselves an expert in dental SEO with nothing else to back up their claims.

There are hundreds of online courses and training seminars that offer to teach people with little or no technical experience how to start an online SEO ranking business. And most of them encourage their “students” to target dentists and other medical professionals.

That is why you or your office manager are likely barraged daily with unsolicited emails and targeted Facebook advertisements offering expert services to get you to the top of Google page 1.

For many dentists SEO is a nebulous subject, and hiring an SEO they can trust to improve their rankings is a daunting task.

But first, let’s define what we are talking about: What is dental search engine optimization (SEO)? Dental SEO is the process of making changes to your dental website to help the practice’s site appear higher in the search engine results pages (like on Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Because most people will never get beyond looking at the first page of the results in their quest to find a dental practice, you want your practice to show up as high as possible on those pages.

Is it possible to discern the SEO professionals from the fakes? Or is the whole industry just spam or a scam?

The sad truth is that there are tens of thousands of lousy search engine “professionals” around the world, and hundreds who say they specialize in dentist marketing.

Hiring the wrong one is at best a waste of your time and money, and at worst can actually hurt your rankings or damage your domain.

The bad ones are all doing at least one or more of the following:

    • Using outdated tactics



    • Farming out all of their optimization work – from beginning to end – often to overseas ranking mills


    • Following the same generic checklist for every client, regardless of what client’s actual needs are


    • Taking your money without giving you results


We regularly hear horror stories from dentists who have invested time and money in the wrong person or company, and end up worse off than before they started.

And we know why that happens:

There are a lot of components to a good marketing SEO campaign. Most of them are hard to do well:

    • Keeping up with Google’s continual algorithm changes


    • Comprehending new optimization and web technologies


    • Testing content marketing strategies, identifying trends, and analyzing results


    • Creating dentistry-focused strategies that are both affordable and manageable


    • Finding the best keyword search terms for a specific area


    • Analyzing the competition and creating a plan to beat them


    • Quality content creation that attracts your ideal dental client


    • Successfully executing those plans


The bottom line is that search engine optimization takes time, concerted effort, and often is either baffling or frustrating or both.

There is no definitive playbook.

There are no magic ranking bullets or secret Google sauce.

The best search engine optimization for dentists requires hard work, insightful analysis, and clever innovation.

And that is what DDSRank offers to our clients.

Client Review

ddsrank client reviews

Is SEO for dentists important?

How can SEO help businesses improve their online visibility? What is the importance of SEO to dental practices? 80% of people search online for dentists and most rely on recommendations from search engines, including your Google My Business (GMB), and other social sites, such as Facebook. Almost 90% of them don’t even get into the second page of their search results. If you aren’t showing up on page one, you are missing out on attracting new clients.  The best reason to use search engine optimization in dentistry is that it will bring more potential clients looking for your services to your website.

What Google Says You Should Look For

Google is the dominant player in the search market, and they are the ones setting the rules of the game for getting visibility online. And they also provide great advice to help businesses – including practices like yours – find a quality dental services marketing firm.

Check out this short video from Google Webmasters that explains what to look for in an optimization company, and then read on to see how we measure up.

What Sets DDSRank Apart

  • Expert Search Optimization Services – Exclusively For Dentists

    We only work with dentists and dental professionals. Our goal is to build our clients’ practices by positioning their websites to attract new patients.

    We know you aren’t looking for just any dental patient – you want to attract the attention of your ideal patient. Whether you are seeking people looking for emergency dental care, or clients needing a dental implant, or even a full smile makeover – we implement digital strategies for dentists designed to hone your online presence and optimize your Internet marketing efforts to maximize your return on investment.

    We believe the best way to do that is to understand the dental market really well, and to recognize the nuances of oral health searches from one community to the next.

    Our team is always focused completely on ranking sites in the world of dentistry, which gives us the edge on what potential patients are searching for, and how to make sure your site is the one they see. While other firms are spending much of their time on optimizing sites in the eCommerce realm, or trying to rank websites for carpenters, plumbers, and nail salons, we focused only on SEO for dentists.

    Your industry is all we are working in – all day, every day.

  • Full-Service SEO Marketing Agency – Our Experts Do The Work

    The DDSRank team is a collection seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience. We don’t farm work out overseas. Our website SEO specialists are experts at on-site optimization and the latest organic search ranking strategies. Our writers offer quality content creation that will engage visitors. If you need Google Ads campaign management or social media marketing our team can create your ads, offer guidance on ad spends, and give you campaign reporting that you can understand. And we have an excellent website design team that can handle existing website redesign projects and also new dental website development.

    We offer all the digital marketing resources necessary to enhance your online presence and give you the practice growth you are looking for.

  • Custom Ranking Campaigns – Tailored To Your Practice

    We don’t offer generic packages for dentists, because no two practices and no two cities are alike. Instead, we tailor each proposal to fit a specific dentist in a particular dental market.

    And once we go to work for your office, we pour ourselves into helping you out-rank and out-perform the other dentists in your area.

  • We Work For You – Not Your Competition

    Many providers work for practices across the street from you!  That sounds like a conflict of interest to us, so we offer exclusive agreements, working for only one dentist for each particular practice area and city.

    This guarantees that we will be your SEO consultants, and our goal will be giving you the top rankings in your market.

  • Month-to-Month Option – You Don’t Have To Be Locked In

    Not every dental practice is ready to sign a long-term contract. We offer several options, including month-to-month, so you can see for yourself the value our services bring to your practice before making a longer-term decision (which is less expensive in the long run).

    Wonder what SEO services cost? Pricing depends on the competitiveness of your market and your goals, but typically ranges from $500 to $2500 per month. And how long does dental SEO take? Some practices see results from dental SEO almost immediately, but most often it takes 3 to 6 months to see sustained change in ranking. And because Google is always changing their algorithm, it’s best to have SEO experts who keep up with the changes continue working on and for your site.

  • Thorough Dental Website Analysis – For Free

    We are committed to providing exceptional results for our clients, and believe that starts with a thorough website analysis.

    It is so important to us to offer a campaign that is specifically tailored to your practice and market that we will start by pouring over your site, and delivering customized analysis, for free.

What’s Included In Our Site And Market Audit

There are a number of automated tools out there that will scan your website and give you an optimization score. Many do deliver some value, and will show you how your site measures up to a generic list of ranking attributes.

But following a generic diagnosis will give you generic results.

Our custom website audits are done by hand, and involve one of our SEO experts manually reviewing your site, market, and competition.

Here are some of the things we look at and report on as part of our analysis:

    • Domain age and history – While not a huge ranking factor, older and more established sites tend to do better, and Google has been known to limit the ability of new websites to rank. We look at the age of your site, and also research previous iterations of your web presence to get a feel for the evolution of your site over time.


    • Site platform, hosting, and content management system – Not all websites are created equal, and the details under the hood of your site matter. Different platforms allow for varying degrees of optimization, so we look at the CMS used to create your site to get an idea of what options we will have to improve it. We work on a variety of different web platforms, and know how to make the most of your Internet configuration.


    • XML Sitemap, analytics tracking, and schema markup – We look at these elements to make sure Google can properly crawl your website, track your incoming traffic, and properly locate and categorize your business. Proper schema markup tags are so important that Google has a markup testing tool to help developers properly use it. But we still find a majority of dentist’s websites – including many that have hired companies that claim to specialize in dentistry – are not using the right schema tags.


    • Title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt tags – The content on your website is the primary factor in which search terms you will rank for. In our analysis we go below the surface to make sure the underlying elements are tuned to properly target the best search terms. This attention to detail is one of the things that sets us apart from other providers.


    • Proper header tag hierarchy – Unfortunately, most people who design websites for dentists are concerned with the visual appearance, but either do not understand or do not care about the fundamentals of proper search engine optimization. The best sites strike a balance between appealing to potential clients and also structuring your content to be easily read and understood by the search engines. Our website audits look for areas where your site has neglected the latter at the expense of your rankings.


    • Page interlinking and siloing – The relationship between the pages on your website and how they are linked together affects how well each one will rank. Unlike web designers that are just focused on appearance, we look at the big picture of your website, to ensure you are getting the most out of your content and incoming links.


    • Site performance optimization – Another critical factor in proper optimization is user experience. Google knows the best website content in the world is useless if it takes too long to load or is too difficult to navigate. If your site is too slow or too confusing visitors will leave your site and look at the next competitor on the list. Google cares enough about site speed to create their own tool to let you measure it. Shouldn’t your company include that in their optimization?


    • Content uniqueness – It is very difficult to convince Google that your site is the best answer to a dental search in your area if it is built using the same stock content that exists on a thousand other dentist’s websites. When it comes to content marketing Google is very harsh on duplicate information, so we check to make sure your designer didn’t just slap together a site using boilerplate text.


    • Improper category and tag configuration – Duplicate content on your own website is a problem that is often overlooked by other SEO companies. Often the default configurations of content management systems like WordPress can make Google think you are posting the same content on multiple pages. We look for these kinds of internal mistakes that can kill your rankings.


    • Redirect problems and broken links – Often when you upgrade your website to a new design urls change. If your site designer doesn’t manage the change properly it can lead to missing web pages or redirect loops that Google will notice.


    • Social media property setups – Having pages for your practice on sites like Facebook and Yelp are critical to ranking success. We look at your properties on the primary social media sites to make sure they are setup properly.


    • NAP consistency – A key element in the Google map rankings is name, address, and phone number consistency across a variety of citation sites. Small differences – like different usages of “Suite” and “Ste” can make a difference. So we look to make sure you are saying the same thing about who you are and where your practice is located across the Internet.


    • Algorithmic and manual penalties – Frequently dentists will contact us because their rankings drop suddenly and dramatically. In some cases they will disappear completely from Google, meaning they are invisible to prospective patients searching online. Sometimes poor or shady ranking work will lead to a penalty from Google that will trash your rankings and tank your visibility. Our analysis will look for the telltale signs of a penalty, and explain the reasons if we find them.


    • Backlink profiles, site authority, and toxic links – Google revolutionized the search engine industry by looking at links from other websites as a sign of popularity. Their organic algorithms have changed significantly over time, but links have remained a primary factor in the ranking puzzle. Google’s local search formula has added new link building and website design factors into the mix. Our in-depth audits go beyond your website to examine which sites are linking to yours, how they are utilizing anchor text, and whether some links are hurting you rather than helping.


    • Market keyword research – People from different parts of the country talk differently. As a result, dental search terms vary from one city to the next. We want to maximize the number of potential patients visiting your practice website, which means we need to know which search keywords are used most often in your area. Without that, it is impossible to properly optimize your site to maximize your rankings. Our exceptionally thorough keyword research is one aspect of our work that allows us to deliver superior results with our campaigns.


    • Top competitor research and analysis – Over 91% of searches never go past the first page of results, and there are a limited number of spots on page 1. The only way to get there is to push past the dentists that are already there. That is why our audits look at your competitors for the better dentistry-related keywords in your area. Understanding your competition’s website strengths and weaknesses is critical to estimating the cost and time frame for a successful ranking campaign.


Take Your Practice Marketing To The Next Level

DDSRank is the answer if you are ready to find the right solution for your online visibility problems, to stop worrying about whether or not you have the right dental SEO strategy, and if you are ready to see real search results improvement and practice growth. If you’re ready to get started with a top dental seo company, contact us today or email

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