Organic Dental SEO Services

dental seo workAn increasing number of people are using the Internet to find goods and services, and that includes finding a dentist.

Recent studies show that 70% of households use the Internet as a key information source when shopping locally. If 7 out of 10 of your potential clients are looking online before choosing a dentist, you have to rank well in the search engines if you hope to win their business. But in many markets competition among dentists is fierce.

Google often returns millions of results for popular dental search terms, and online traffic studies show that 91.5% of Google search traffic stops on page 1 of the results. That means that if your dental practice website doesn’t show on page 1, you are invisible to the vast majority of people searching for a dentist online.

But even page 1 placement isn’t enough – those same studies show that the top 3 spots on page 1 get over 60% of the traffic. If you are looking to attract new patients, high on page 1 is where you need to be.

That’s where we come in. We are not general SEOs. We specialize in helping dental professionals like you attract more visitors and win more patients by moving your practice website where it belongs – high on page 1 of the Google search results.

We can analyze your website, your search market, and your competition, and put together a custom analysis to show you where you currently rank, and create a plan tailored to move you up the search results.

Optimizing Your Dental Website

The first step in any SEO campaign is optimizing the content on your site. Google has given a lot of direction through their Webmaster guidelines on the proper way construct a website, and our professionals go through your site to bring it up to spec. We examine meta tags, page interlinking, site structure, and keyword density. We check for duplicate content, broken links, and any other site elements that may be hampering your rankings. And then we do the work to get your site up to par.

Analyzing Your Backlinks

Another critical element in the ranking algorithms is your backlink profile – the links on other websites that point at your site. The right links from authoritative, relevant sources will help you rank well in the search results. Links from low value or spammy sites, or too many links targeting specific keywords can hurt your rankings. We evaluate your current backlink profile, point out any that may be hurting you, and help you obtain links that will boost you in the rankings.

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