PPC For Dentists

dentist pay-per-click adsStudies show that 70% of consumers visit a business or make a purchase based on information they find online.1

That is why our goal at DDSRank is to help your business get found by potential patients at the moment they are searching.

We do that through offering both organic SEO services and paid advertising management, also known as pay-per-click (PPC).

Pay-Per-Click For New Dental Practices

While organic SEO is a longer-term game that delivers the best return on investment over time, dental PPC ads give you the opportunity to get Google page one visibility for your practice – instantly.

That makes PPC a great option for new practices that need traffic immediately, and can’t afford to wait for a new website to rank via an organic campaign. And if done correctly, a good dental practice Google Ads campaign can generate enough new revenue to pay for an organic SEO campaign.

Ads For Established Dentists

Even if you are already getting new patients from Google and the other search engines, PPC ads are also great for practices that want increased visibility on top of their organic rankings. Profitable websites like Amazon continue to run PPC ads for products even after they dominate the search results organically because they know that more exposure = more traffic.

If you are looking to take your online patient generation to a new level – or if you want to target specific services and procedures – PPC might be a great option. Google Ads allow you to hyper-target searchers and bring them to a landing page without building the long-form content that tends to rank better organically.

How Dental PPC Ad Campaigns Work

We work together with our PPC clients to create ads and landing pages that will help them accomplish goals for their business and specific campaigns. Depending on whether your goal is to raise awareness of your business, to have prospective patients submit scheduling requests through your website, or to get your phone to ring with qualified leads, we craft an ad campaign designed with your business goals and budget in mind.

We can use images and text you supply, or if you prefer, we’ll work to find complimentary images and create appropriate marketing language for each of your campaigns. Once the ads are being served to your target audience, we analyze the traffic results. You’ll receive regular reporting on the metrics of each campaign, along with recommendations to maximize the leads your business receives.

What Does Pay-Per-Click For Dentists Cost?

There are two components to the cost of a PPC campaign – the ad spend and the management charge. We charge clients a flat fee of $300 for managing their PPC campaigns. For that fee we do the following:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Create ads via the client’s direction
  • Create landing pages to maximize ad efficiency and conversion rate
  • Adjust bid levels
  • Provide reporting and analysis

The ad spend is determined by the client, and spent directly with Google. Advertisers bid on per-click pricing with Google, and those prices vary based upon the market and search competition. DDSRank will give you keyword research that includes average bid prices in your market, and then you can decide how much you want to spend on ads over the course of a month. That amount can be adjusted up or down as the campaign progresses.

We typically recommend that clients start with at least a $300 ad spend budget to be effective, with most clients spending around $1000/month with Google on PPC ads.

Get Started With Dental PPC Ads

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1. Local businesses bring in new customers with Posts on Google