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Dental SEO Marketing

Expert Dental SEO MarketingWhen you run a business, you work hard to get the word out there. In the old days, this was accomplished through advertising, whether in the local paper or by word of mouth. You work to get your practice out there, to make sure that when people search for a dentist (or any other kind of business) they think of you. But newspapers are not the first place people turn to to find things anymore. Google is the new classifieds section, and Facebook and other social media sites are the new word of mouth. This is where a Internet dental marketing campaign is crucial. Making sure your website is in the prime position to be picked up by Google is just as important as add placement, sometimes even more so. Search engine optimization makes sure that you are not only one of the first options that people see, but also that your website is in tip top condition to be seen.

Errors in SEO can be costly, and can cause Google to penalize your website. If your website is formatted incorrectly, your business page may end up on the second or third page of Google, and miss out on many potential customers. Website optimization makes sure that your site is not being penalized for coding mistakes from the past, and helps you market yourself effectively through Google search results. Without SEO, the odds of your site making it to the front page of Google are slim, and can leave you stuck in the mud waiting for patients.

With well planned SEO marketing, your site can be pushed to the front page of Google, enabling you to reach more potential patients and get word of your practice out there, all without paying the costly advertising fees that Google charges. If done correctly, SEO will put you at the front of the market in terms of search results, allowing you to advertise effectively. With correct optimization, people searching for a dentist in your area will see you right away, instead of finding you haphazardly on the back page of Google.

Dental SEO marketing is crucial to the success of your practice’s website. Without it, your site can become stuck on the back page of Google without any chance of making it back to the front page. SEO allows your business to reach a larger area of people. After all, if you are the first or second result when someone searches for a dentist in your area, odds are they’ll be coming your way. And, while paying Google to put you at the top of the list is one way to get traffic to your site, SEO provides the same level of traffic at a fraction of the cost. SEO is a cost effective way to put your practice at the top of the search results, and at the top of the list for new patients. Contact us if you’re ready to take the first steps towards promoting your practice website with a free in-depth SEO audit.