Educate Yourself in Dental Internet Marketing

You know that having an internet marketing strategy for your practice is important.

You know from conversations with others that getting found on Google and having a presence on Facebook is critical to attracting new patients, but you’re not sure what all the terms mean and where you should focus to grow your practice.

We’re proud to introduce Dental SEO Academy, a dentist’s source for SEO knowledge.

Dental SEO Academy offers courses that will grow your understanding of marketing your practice online.

You’ll learn the various avenues open to you for enhancing your digital presence, and how they correspond to traditional marketing options you already understand.

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If you desire to

  • participate in related dental forums with more knowledge

  • or perform some of your own SEO

  • or just to communicate better with an SEO provider,

these courses get you there.

Dental SEO Academy is the premier place to grow your knowledge of search engine optimization, focused specifically on the needs of modern dental practice websites. Check out the current course offerings here to learn more.