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Dental Marketing

dental practice marketingIf there’s one thing you can’t afford as a dentist, it’s an empty chair. Unfortunately, you may have to settle for a half-filled appointment book when you don’t make an investment in online marketing. As long-time marketing experts that focus exclusively on the dental industry, DDSRank knows what works when it comes to Internet dental marketing strategies. Our experience has taught us that the best tactics are SEO, pay per click (PPC) ads, social media marketing, and email marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that nearly three in four people begin their search for a new dentist online? For the first time ever, people are conducting more local searches on their mobile devices than their home or work computers. If your dental website doesn’t come up on the first page of search engine results, you lose new patients to the competition. Making an investment in dental Internet marketing is vital to the future success of your practice. No matter what your market size or dental specialty, DDSRank has the tools and experience to get your website in front of thousands of potential new patients.

Every campaign starts with localized keyword research to ensure that we are optimizing your site with the terms that people in your area use to find a new dentist. We also offer a free SEO audit before giving you any kind of marketing proposal. This thorough manual review provides you with key insights into your existing on-site optimization, a quality review of sites that link to yours, and also a survey of your market competition. This information will help you understand the factors contributing to your current performance on Google and the other search engines, and also allow us to tailor a marketing campaign specifically designed for your practice.

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PPC Can Bring Immediate Traffic to Your Dental Website

As a top dental marketing agency, we recognize employing a range of strategies is the key to success when promoting a dentist’s practice online. While we have found that a high ranking in organic search results offers the best long-term value, it can take a while for your practice to get there. PPC, on the other hand, offers instant results. We conduct keyword research prior to creating your first PPC campaign to determine the terms that your potential new dental patients search for the most. When an Internet user conducts a search, a Google ad with the same or similar term appears with a clickable link to the website for your dental practice. You only pay when someone actually clicks through to your website.

Once your PPC campaign is underway, the AdWords management team at DDSRank tracks the results for you. This allows you to see exactly which locations the clicks initiate from along with other important demographics. We target potential new patients by the type of device they use, the time of day they’re most likely to perform a search, and their geographic location. Integrating this service with call tracking allows you to see the exactly how many clicks actually convert to new patients for your dental practice. DDSRank offers all PPC service for one flat monthly fee.

The Value of Social Media Marketing

If your practice doesn’t already have a social media presence, you are missing the opportunity to attract new patients as well as helping the ones you already have remain loyal. People feel most comfortable doing business with any type of organization when they feel like they know the staff personally. This is especially important for something as intimate as dental work. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus all give you the opportunity to allow people to follow your page or account so they can receive frequent updates.

People enjoy being the first to know about things, whether it’s a new service you plan to offer, the fact that you have hired a new staff member, or a schedule change. Adding photos to your posts makes you and your staff seem more relatable to patients, which in turn makes them feel more comfortable and trusting. Another thing you can do to build loyalty is make certain information or discounts only available to those who follow your dental practice on social media.

The marketing experts at DDSRank will optimize your accounts at each of the top social media websites, and ensure they are configured to give you the maximum SEO benefit. We will also help you understand a variety of tips and tactics that will help you promote your practice, including the best way to share photos and posts to encourage social buzz and drive traffic to your website. Since engagement is so critical, we will monitor your accounts regularly and inform you of certain feedback that may require your response.

Email Marketing Campaigns

As any dentist knows, patient compliance with bi-annual preventive exams and follow-up appointments after having received specialty services are an ongoing challenge. Your patients lead busy lives and many of them simply forget to contact your clinic to schedule additional appointments. An email reminder to patients who have opted in to receive electronic communication from your practice is another aspect of our dentist marketing services. While you should always strive to bring new patients into your practice, it costs less money to provide services to the ones you already have. Surprisingly, this is one method of revenue generation that dental professionals often overlook. Besides appointment reminders, email blasts are an excellent tool for up-selling cosmetic dentistry procedures and making announcements about new products or services.

There are a number of questions you will face when determining how to reach potential patients using email. DDSRank can help you setup effective email marketing processes for your practice. That includes opt-in forms on your website, as well as mailing list management accounts on services like MailChimp or AWeber.

Customized Marketing Campaigns

All of the strategies described above can increase your patient base as well as practice revenue. However, some may be more appropriate for you than others. When you become our client, the online marketing team at DDSRank spends significant time speaking with you directly to determine the unique needs of your practice. We know that a general dentist in a small Midwestern town requires different dental marketing ideas than an endodontist in New York City. After establishing and implementing your marketing plan, we monitor the results daily and make adjustments if necessary to ensure that you always receive the best return on investment.