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Why A Dental Marketing Agency?

Marketing meetingIs your website working as an online salesperson for your dental practice? Is it bringing in new patients 24/7, whenever someone searches for the procedures and services you offer? Or do you get so little traffic that you don’t even notice the difference between when your website is up or down? Dentistry is as competitive as it has ever been and no matter what specific area of the country you are in, you need a strong online presence if you are going to move your dental office from “just surviving” to thriving. This is where implementing an Internet dental marketing strategy can be your secret weapon to major success!

Reason #1: We Have A Track Record Of Success

A good dentist SEO company will not be short on quality references from dentists who have used them in the past. Having a team is also a major bonus since search engine optimizatio is very hard work. Even small practices in relatively smaller cities with less competition can find challenges when getting onto the first page of Google, and then even moving up to those coveted top three spots.

If you’re dealing with a major market city with a large population and lots of competition then a solo individual doing SEO has virtually no chance of being able to compete with all your other competitors who are using professional SEO agencies or have entire internal teams handling that part of their online marketing.

Reason #2: We Have Tools/Leverage That You Don’t

Some of the most effective SEO tools take thousands of man hours to develop and months or even years of careful tending to be at their best. No one running a non-SEO business has time to do this. No one has time to develop their own software, either. Nor have they spent the numerous hours we have looking at dental marketing campaigns in a variety of markets.

This means we have experience locating dental keywords your practice can use to draw in potential customers that others will likely overlook. And when it comes to getting authoritative dental directory listings or high quality back links related to dentistry, we have access to blogs, websites, and connections that SEO companies that don’t specialize in dentistry won’t have. This is a great reason to trust DDSRank to get your website to the top of page one.

Reason #3: Good SEO Is Time Consuming & Takes Talent

Search Engine Optimization involves over 200 different ranking factors that include both on page and off page issues. In order to get the most out of any ranking efforts, you need to tackle both. Some of these factors are extremely time intensive and take a huge amount of work. If you’re running a successful dental practice you simply don’t have time to learn and implement the latest strategies and techniques.

On the other hand, an our dentist marketing agency has a number of experienced professionals and tools to tackle these factors for any dental website. You don’t have to pay a full-time salary for your own marketing specialist, hoping the people you hire have the ability, knowledge, or tools to actually get results.

Reason #4: You Get To Focus On Making Your Practice Exceptional

Since someone else is taking care of all the SEO issues surrounding your dental website, you can focus on making your practice even more exceptional. That’s going to lead to happier patients, better word of mouth advertising, and you’ll be happier focusing on what you built your office around, as opposed to having to mind the details of getting people to pay attention to your website.

Reason #5: Wrap Your Online Marketing Needs Together

From adding social media marketing and email marketing campaigns to designing a new dental website from scratch and getting any SEO campaign started on the right foot, our dental SEO company also offers related online services to help make sure your practice has the website, the marketing, and the complete package of a program you need in order to succeed against the competition online.

If you’re looking for multiple services, going with an SEO agency like DDSRank that takes care with you from start to finish can be a great relief – especially when put together in a package deal!

The Obvious Conclusion

When it comes to getting your dental practice found online, having someone handle SEO on the side just isn’t a smart move. If you want to not only compete with the major players in your local market and beyond, but you want a flood of new patients from having one of those top three spots, then you need to make sure that you’re hiring an experienced dental SEO consulting agency like DDSRank to help you get to the top of the SERPs, and attract all the new business that comes with it!