Dandiest Dentist

dandiest dentist in historyTargeting a search term that no one is looking for is a waste of time and effort. While some SEO companies will tout their ability to rank your site for meaningless phrases – like “dandiest dentist” – that won’t bring visitors to your dental website or patients to your practice.

To turn searchers into patients you need to know what dental terms people are actually searching for in your market. At DDSRank we check over 1700 variations of dental search terms for your specific area, to build a custom keyword target plan for your practice. And no, dandiest dentist is not on the list.

What Is A Dandy Dental Professional?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term dandy goes back at least to the eighteenth century, and may actually be a derivative of the seventeenth century term “Jack-a-dandy”. It denotes someone who is overly concerned with having a fashionable and stylish appearance. Presumably then the dandiest dentist would be the dental professional most preoccupied with how they look.

Does Being The Dandiest Dentist Matter?

While neatness of appearance and a keen fashion sense are attributes appreciated in any dental professional, they are hardly the qualities that the average person searching for oral health care will classify as important. Instead of finding the most dandy dental professional they can, most people are interested in finding someone qualified to give them a beautiful and healthy smile.

Since people don’t care about hiring a “dental dude”, the “tidiest tooth doctor”, or a “periodontist pretty-boy”, being known as one – either in your neighborhood or online – won’t help you land new patients. And isn’t that why you are online in the first place?

Sockdolager SEO

The goal of search engine optimization for dentists is to give your practice visibility to people looking for the dental services you provide. Targeting the search terms potential patients use at the point of action is the best way to increase new appointments. And for that you don’t want someone who promised to rank your site for low competition terms like dandiest dentist. You want keyword research experts like DDSRank that have the experience and technical know-how to put your practice where new clients can find you.

Take The Next Step

Almost anyone can rank for a no-competition search term like “Dandiest Dentist”. But settling for that kind of dental marketing would make you nothing but a fluoride fop. Take your dental marketing to the next level – contact us today!