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Clear Orthodontic Braces are Easier to Wear

clear bracesTeenagers and young adults make up the group of people most likely to need braces to align teeth that have grown in crooked. While everyone wants to have an attractive smile, wearing the traditional braces made up of metal brackets and wires is difficult at best.

Invisalign is one of the latest developments in orthodontic braces, and the clear plastic aligners are not at all obvious when in place. The braces consist of a set of aligners that resemble a mouth guard and can easily be removed for eating and while cleaning the teeth. Each set of braces will be replaced at two-week intervals, gradually moving crooked teeth into the correct position. Although there are some obvious advantages for young people who wear Invisalign braces to achieve an attractive smile, the system may be somewhat more expensive than the traditional type of alignment system. Each dentist sets their own fee, and the cost will be determined by the extent of treatment that is needed.

There is more than one type of invisible teeth alignment system. The Damon system is also clear and nearly invisible when in place. Damon braces are similar to traditional braces but do not use ties or clips that need to be tightened regularly during treatment. This means the teeth and braces are easier to clean and are more comfortable to wear. The Damon system is also more effective at accomplishing correct alignment of crooked teeth at a faster rate.

The Damon system is also more favorable to normal speech than the plastic retainers that fit over the upper or lower teeth. Some people have difficulty speaking normally when wearing these devices, but the less intrusive aligners of the Damon system are less likely to cause this problem.

Clear and invisible orthodontic aligners are naturally more acceptable to teens and young adults who want to achieve the correct alignment of their teeth. Another alignment system that is gaining popularity is ClearCorrect. This system became available in 2006, and thousands of people
are satisfied with the results.

Most people will be a good candidate for the clear aligners, but an initial examination that uses x-rays, photos and impressions to determine whether the treatment will be the best choice. The clear aligners fit over the teeth that need to be moved, and are worn 22 hours or more every day. Periodic orthodontic checks will determine when a new set of aligners is needed, and the treatment will continue through each step until the process is complete.

While the cost of clear orthodontic braces may or may not be more than the traditional metal braces, many insurance plans will cover most of the expense. Add-on insurance plans such as Delta Dental can help reduce the cost, but will not cover the entire amount.

No matter which re-alignment system is used, corrected teeth are likely to drift back to their previous position, an occurrence known as relapse. This means the patient will probably need to wear some type of retainer overnight.