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A great website that converts visitors into clients is a key piece of a winning internet marketing strategy. But the best dental website in the world is useless if no one ever visits it. That is where we come in. Our goal is to bring more patients to your practice by bringing more visitors to your website. And we do that by focusing primarily on one thing – offering SEO for dentists that is specifically designed to move your practice to the top of the search engines.
Recent statistics on the value of a strong online presence are overwhelming:

  • Google performs 100 billion searches per month worldwide, and receives 78.5% of all searches in the U.S.
  • 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a place of business within 5 miles.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines – 88% using smartphones, 84% using computer/tablet.

These figures all underscore one fact: if you want to grow your practice you need to show up on Google when people near you are searching for a dentist.

Practice marketing and advertising have changed. Dentists market their practices online now, rather than using phone books, newspapers, and direct mail. Today, Internet marketing is all about getting your practice in front of potential patients online. Certainly a strong social media presence on sites like Facebook and Google+ is beneficial. But if you want to reach people actively searching for oral health services, but best place to be is the top of the search engine rankings.

People turn to Google to find almost everything these days, and that includes searching for dentists. Studies show that the top few spots get the lion’s share of the clicks, and those not on page 1 might as well be invisible. That’s why you need an expert optimization firm DDSRank on your team!

We have narrowed our focus to be the best at what we do. Our specialties are Internet Marketing, Practice Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization. We have experience building and ranking sites in small communities and big cities, and in both easy and competitive markets. We have extensive experience in finding the most popular dental search terms and keywords in a variety of markets, and can help you position your office website to attract the maximum number of potential new patients. Whether you are a general dentist, orthodontist, or periodontist, if you want your site at the top of page one, you need us as your Internet marketing specialists.

While Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns have their place, the best advertising investment over the long haul is to improve your rankings in the organic search results. Our expert team works to build equity in your website by streamlining its content and increasing its authority. If you are looking to build your practice over the long haul we can help.
More and more people are searching online using mobile devices, making a strong presence in the Google map 3-pack of critical importance. Our map experts can help identify your current citations, normalize your listings across multiple platforms, and build new citations on the right sources to improve your map results.
Sometimes you need new patients for your practice immediately. While organic rankings tend to be the best value over time, a Google AdWords campaign can bring pay-per-click traffic to your practice website almost instantly. In fact, the business brought in from a properly run SEM campaign can many times generate enough ROI to pay for the long-term SEO work. Our experienced team can help by making sure you are targeting the right keywords for your practice, and manage the entire process for one fixed monthly fee.

Client Testimonials

“We have been using DDSRank for the past year or so. Steve and his team redesigned our website and worked on our SEO. We have more than doubled the number of new patients in the first half of 2015 and are coming up much earlier when searching for a dentist in a variety of ways. The additional benefit of working with Steve is his quick response and constant availability. He has allowed me to bounce ideas and make sure we spend our advertising dollars wisely. It is not inexpensive to make changes but it has been well worth the investment and now we are enjoying maintaining the growth.”
Barbara H.
“I hired Steve and his team a little over 12 months ago and have been quite pleased. Within a few months my site was in the top 3 dental listings on google and business is flowing from our online presence. I recently built a new website and had Steve and his team review and optimize it for SEO. I appreciate their level of expertise, they are able to do anything I throw at them. They are excellent communicators, which in the computer industry is so hard to find. They are also excellent listeners and get things right the first time. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them to anyone! Thanks guys and keep up the great work!”
Shawn U.
“DDSRank provided tremendous value to our business. We are very thankful for their expertise and professionalism.”
John M.
“DDS Rank is an amazing company to work with. Outstanding service, very friendly and best of all, they get results. I would recommend DDS Rank to any dentist who needs SEO or marketing services and who wants more traffic and leads from search engines like Google.”
Dirk D.
Search Engine Optimization for Dental Practices

Google+ Audits

practice website design

Organic SEO for dentistsOn-Page Optimization

We help you optimize your dental website for Google and the other search engines. We will let you know how Google looks at your site now, and what changes you can make to help your rankings climb.

Dental SEO SitesOff-Page Linking

We will do the work necessary to get your practice website the right kind of links – the ones that Google likes – that will catapult your practice website up to the top of the rankings for your keywords in your market

Maintenance CampaignsSEO Maintenance

Search engine rankings are like teeth – if you ignore them, they will go away. Once we get your practice to the top of the search engines, we will keep up with the maintenance necessary to keep you there.

dentistry marketing companyDental Marketing ROI

We will show you what you can expect for traffic from your market once we put your dental website at the top of the search engine rankings, and will help you calculate how much you will grow your bottom line once we do.

internet marketingContact Us About Attracting New Patients!

Let us give you an honest evaluation of your current search engine positioning, and a straightforward estimate of what it will take to get you to the top. We will perform an in-depth optimization analysis of your practice website to evaluate the current state of your search engine optimization efforts. We’ll research the best search keywords for your local area, to find the best targets for your Internet marketing efforts. And we will evaluate your competitors, to give you an idea of how much it will cost and how long it will take to move your practice up in the search engine rankings.

Contact Us for a FREE website SEO evaluation

Exclusively For Dentists

What sets DDSRank apart from other SEO companies is that we only work with dentists, orthodontists, and related firms. While they are constantly shifting focus between markets, working on plumbers one day and landscapers the next, and trying to apply generic search engine optimization skills across a number of different sites, we are doing one thing – working to provide our clients the best rankings possible. We have no desire to be a jack-of-all-trades agency – we eat, sleep, and breathe in the world of dentistry. Here are some of the elements of a DDSRank campaign:

Thorough Website Analysis

Many other agencies will offer you a very generic optimization proposal, using their stock package pricing. They promise you rankings without really evaluating your website, market, or the dentists you are competing against. That would be the equivalent of you offering a course of oral health treatment without ever looking into the patient’s mouth. That is not how we operate.

Website Content

When you contact us for an audit we begin by digging into your site. We look at the platform it is built on, to see if your server is configured properly. We look at page titles, meta descriptions, image titles and alt tags, and header tag usage to make sure your content is properly structured and marked up to help Google understand your website. We also examine your page structure and interlinking, to see if you are setup to make the most of inbound authority links. And we check for duplicate content – both among the various pages and posts on your practice website, and also across other sites on the web – to make sure you aren’t being held back in the search engines for replicating information.

Social Property Configuration

Another factor in the search engine rankings today – one especially important in the local map rankings – are the accounts you have on Google+, Facebook, and other social websites. Having your practice name, address, telephone number, and website address setup correctly on these sites is a crucial ranking factor in the maps. During our analysis we will check these sites and show you the areas that need to be corrected.

Backlink Research

One of the key elements in the Google search algorithm is links to your website from other sites around the Internet. During our initial analysis we will look at the sites that link to yours, to check their quality, anchor text usage, and site authority. Links from the wrong types of sites can kill your chances of ranking well in the search results, so we make sure to check your links, and also those of your competitors.

Keyword Research

For any campaign to be successful it is crucial to target the right search terms. Since we only work for dentists, orthodontists, and other oral health care specialists or related companies, we are constantly evaluating the top search keywords across a variety of markets. As part of our free analysis of your office website we will evaluate nearly 2000 different dental keyword combinations for each city you are targeting, to make sure we know what potential patients in your area are searching for. Knowing that information allows us to tailor a campaign that will maximize the volume of relevant potential patients that find your practice website.

Competitor Analysis

During our research we also review several of the top practices in your area, to see the level of competition you are facing. We will show you how your site compares to other dentists’ for the top keywords, and how that translates into visitors to your site. This allows us to give you both a time and cost estimate to position your site where it can attract more patients.

Map Ranking Research

Over 70% of consumers research online before buying local goods and services, which means you need your practice to show up on Google when they search. The Google map results for dentists is one of two opportunities to show up on page 1 for local searches. But since the map section was recently reduced from 7 to only 3 practices, the competition for those spots has intensified. That is why we include an analysis of your map rankings in our detailed SEO audits. We look at the elements that may be hindering your performance in the Google map results, and explain what you can do to improve your online exposure.

Exceptional Results

When you request an analysis, we spend hours examining your dentist website and the various elements listed above, and then write up the results in a report that you can understand. While other agencies charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the kind of research and information we provide in our analysis reports, we give to you for free! But we know that the effort is worth it, because thoroughly examining all aspects of your current situation allows us to design a custom SEO treatment plan that will give you the most bang for your marketing dollar.

We Won’t Work For Other Dentists In Your Market

When we take on a client, we do it with the mindset that we are going to work to make you the most successful dentist in your market. There is no way we could do that if we were also working for your competitor down the street. For that reason we only work with one practice/specialty in a geographic region. Our agreements promise you that if we go to work for your office, we will not take on any of your competitors as clients as well. You can rest assured that you won’t have to share us or the results we deliver with competing dentists.

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